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BASHGO Makes Business Run Better. Bashgo Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd. (BASHGO) improves productivity and profitability for many of the worlds most respected manufacturers through a portfolio of services of production equipment maintenance, industrial equipment services, fabrication and innovative IT solutions.

Our Company

BASHGO has improved performance for the world's most classy manufacturing companies. We're one of the company that delivers a unique combination of industrial operation & maintenance, equipment services, technical outsourcing and innovative IT solutions. Our approach is to focus on the specific needs of each individual customer and provide a solution that delivers maximum. BASHGO promise is total customer satisfactions. And to ensure we exceed expectations we have made a commitment to a formal Service/Quality Initiative. Total company involvement in the Service/Quality Initiative allows BASHGO to continuously improve customer satisfaction and to deliver services on time with zero defects.

BASHGO work diligently toward improving work processes to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and eliminate downtime. When you partner with BASHGO, we want you to be completely satisfied. By continuously striving to improve, BASHGO will raise your expectations of the benefits you expect to receive from a service provider.

We work with our client to deliver

  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Increase in manufacturing efficiencies
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Waste reduction Increase in production capacity
  • Longer equipment life
  • Reduction in unplanned maintenance
  • Reduction in administration



Periyathiruvadi Gomathinayagam

Director / Founder

Shanmugar Raju




Anand Sundersingh

Manager (Projects)

Our Services

At BASHGO, our knowledge and expertise is tailored to maximise the lifespan and output of your production process, at the lowest possible cost to your organisation. BASHGO focus is on prevention, quality and productivity, leading to industry leading safety procedures, observance of contractual obligations and regulations. The quality with which we approach and perform on-site work is both innovative and accountable. Our maintenance contracts are carried out with the commitment to deliver results.

We have experience in a wide range of industrial maintenance services, including:

  • operation & maintenance of equipments
  • preventative and reliability maintenance
  • workshop maintenance
  • overhauling of static and rotating equipments
  • piping fabrication & erection
  • refurbishment of EOT cranes and rail alignment
  • maintenance inspection
  • cataloguing services
  • training on rotating and static equipments
  • material and service masters preparation

Through the continuous development of our ‘Good Practices’ initiative, maintenance is completed within established time periods by specialised teams who assume overall responsibility for all aspects of the work.


At BASHGO MAINTENANCE SERVICES PVT. LTD. we can provide a full turnkey solution to meet all our client requirements including Project Management, Machinery Installation and Repair, Short and long term maintenance service contracts, Machineries relocation, developing total productive maintenance practices, refurbishment of industrial facilities, workshop O&M, mechanical seal reconditioning etc., BASHGO specialise in delivering core hard services within working environments.

Our experience comes from many years of service in the oil & gas, petrochemical, refinery, steel, power, pharma, automotive, etc., we understand the new need of our client and take an action by responding quickly. BASHGO ensure compliance with statutory and organisation regulations and work with client in partnership to achieve our client objectives by cost effectively and with minimal disruption.

Our clients include some of the most prestigious manufacturers and service providers. Please contact us to talk about how we can help you to maintain your business. BASHGO render services by Annual Maintenance and Annual Rate contracts.


Rotating Equipments
Pumps, Compressors, Turbines, Blowers, Gear Boxes, ID / FD fans, Agitators, etc.,
Static Equipments
Valves, Heat Exchanger, Column, Vessels, Boilers, Tank, etc.,
Erection & Commissioning
Cranes, Equipments, Piping, Structural, Workshop Machineries
Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Balancing, Lapping, Profile cutting, Gear hobbling, Boring, etc.,
Piping, Piping Support, Structural, Tanks, etc.,


AC and DC electrical motors;
Refrigeration and HVAC system
Low, medium and high voltage machines;
Electrical Control Panels
Transformers and Generators
New equipment wiring
Battery power systems
Power Monitoring

Pressure Levels, Micrometer & Callipers Dimensional, Single & Multi loop systems, Transmitters, Controllers, indicators, pressure devices.
Calibration, Troubleshooting, Loop checks, Repair services, Onsite staffing, Installation of instruments & controls.

We can also offer technical assistance and support for increasing the efficiency and productivity of your machines, and we are happy to give any advice for the purchase or replacement of your equipment. Through the continuous development of our Good Practices initiative, maintenance is completed within established time periods by specialised teams who assume overall responsibility for all aspects of the work.


provides visibility over your asset maintenance and performance, identify trends from key data and offers business insight to improve more clarity on your existing data’s. BASHGO goal is to take our customers to a level of productivity and profits that is greater than they have now. Our dedicated team will perform thorough assessment of your existing technology using and help you overcome the challenges by implementing industry best practices to increase you productivity and reduce your cost.

Material Coding & Cataloguing (MESC / USPSC)
Service & Vendor Master
Asset Management
Physical Verification
SPIR (Spares Parts Interchangability Record)
SMP (Standard Maintenance Procedure)
Inventory Review & Optimisation
SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System)
ERP Implementation Support


Key Features
Material Management
Manage and control inventories
Asset Hierarchy Management
Easily to track of where your assets are located and their costs
Budget Management
It helps relating to your budget
Purchase Management
Order the right parts by providing exact description of the item
Work Management
Track and manage all assets


  • Simplify the coding logic of your assets and increase productivity
  • Reduce cost by avoiding unnecessary inventory
  • Improving reliability and risk management




provides comprehensive outsourcing services delivered by qualified HR practitioners. We have extensive experience of working with all sizes, scales and types of organisations. Through our expertise and experience in maintenance management, asset & material management services and training, we contribute by strategically and operationally improving organisational performance and the quality of customer service; resulting in better HR.

We identify that every organisation’s requirements are different and that priorities and conditions change rapidly. BASHGO have therefore made our services flexible to provide adaptable, long-term and short-term solutions.

Our outsourcing services allow client companies to bring together a team of motivated, productive personal who are willing and keen to make a positive contribution. It is measured by performance and has become a partner in the venture.

Our client company maintains their input in the recruitment of maintenance personal. BASHGO personnel function under the direction of client's management team but operate as service provider dependent on total deliverable and efficient / effective services. The development of common goals and the alignment of business objectives to couple to realistic base lining allow contract performance to be accurately measured.

We provide comprehensive tailor-made recruitment services including:

Contract recruitment

Recruitment process improvement

Permanent recruitment

Search and selection

Interim consultancy services

Executive search

Training and development services

Graduate recruitment



At BASHGO we specialise in delivering a wide range of training courses to industries across the world. With years of experience, BASHGO can help clients to grow both nationally and internationally by good practices. BASHGO have a network of instructors that travel anywhere in the world on a weekly basis whom are fully qualified with a vast amount of experience and knowledge. We can arrange to suit company training needs where we offer training whilst they are undertaking there day to day duties. Our commitment is to maintain all training courses to the highest quality.

  • Our use of visual technology during presentations prompts a new level of understanding and insight, engaging participants and revitalising the experience of professional training.
  • Our unique combination of experience, knowledge and content delivery, makes daily industrial practice concepts and theory come alive

Topics we cover

Heat Exchangers


Centrifugal Pump

Steam Turbines

Mechanical Seals and Seal Selection


Condition Based Maintenance & Monitoring Techniques

Positive Displacement Pumps

Alignment Practices

Oil Exploration and Production


Industrial Hydraulics

We have an exclusive arrangement through which all the candidates can have a continuous access to our faculty throughout the training period. The interactive arrangement enables all the participants to clarify their doubts at any point of time. Faculties are available throughout the training period to respond to the queries immediately.

The participants can get access to various model questions, assignments, self assessment tools through this arrangement. On the basis of the day to day assessment and the result of the tests, each candidate will be guided to overcome their short -comings.



We are committed to providing our clients with a timely, quality service that a minimum confirms with contractual requirements in all areas of operation and maintenance to achieve the clients full satisfaction. We also intend to manage the business in a safe manner with healthy working conditions for our staff, as well as to the safety of our environment .


We are committed in providing on-time quality services in the field of industrial maintenance that satisfies the customer need and expectations with the help of well established quality management systems, motivated employees and good working environment. We shall always strive to adopt the latest technology and to maintain statutory & regulatory requirements. We shall review the continuing stability of quality management system to address continual improvement.


The health and safety of our employees at BASHGO is our foremost business consideration. No employee will be required to do a job that he or she considers as unsafe.BASHGO will comply with all applicable workplace safety and health requirements. We will maintain occupational safety and health standards that equal or exceed the best practices in the industry.

BASHGO pledges to do the following:

  • Strive to achieve the goal of zero accidents and injuries.
  • Provide safeguards wherever necessary.
  • Conduct routine inspection to find an eliminate unsafe working conditions, control health hazards
  • Train employees in safe work practices and procedures.
  • Provide necessary PPE's and train them in their use & care.
  • Investigate incidents to determine the root cause(s) to prevent similar incident


Projects executedd by BASHGO in different industrial services.

CG Compressor Overhauling

Arzener Make

Valves Reconditioning

Nagarjuna Oil Company

Mechanical Seal Reconditioning

Burgmann Make

Refinery Auditing

Sharjah Oil Company

Piping Erection

Chyoda Japan

Centac Compressor Maintenance

Steel Plant

Blower Maintenance

Piping Insulation

CCC, Kuwait



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